How it Works

MyTownTutors only lists current or retired teachers. When you register, simply provide us with your school's contact information, and our team will verify that you are a teacher or a retired teacher.

Once you are verified, you create a profile. Your profile contains a personal statement, the subjects you teach, and your daily availability.

Parents, students and guidance counselors can then search for you at, read your personal statement, and choose to contact you regarding availability.

You and the client find a convenient date and time, and the tutoring session is then confirmed.

We also offer a worry free billing service. With this service, parents can pay you in advance for a tutoring session with a credit card. The cost of this service is 10% of the entire transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions & Concerns

Will people be calling me all of the time?
No - no one will be calling you. Your profile is listed on our site, and we don't list any of your contact information. When someone is interested in scheduling a tutoring session, they do it through our site. You can reply at your leisure. After the tutoring session is confirmed, you can choose to share your contact information with the client.

I'm really busy, I'm not sure if tutoring is for me
The beauty of tutoring is you do it on your own time, and you set your own rate. If you feel that your time is worth $50 per hour, you can set your rate at $50 per hour. Furthermore, tutoring sessions are based around your schedule - they are not automatically created. You get to personally review every tutoring session, and pick the best time that works for you. If you're having a busy month, you can decline the appointment or postpone it to a further date - it's all up to you!