Simple Tips to Avoid Plagiarism When Writing a Research Paper

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Writing Advice for College Students


The semester is filled with load after load of work to be done. It feels like you may never see the end of the road for this research paper, but after hours and hours of digging through the school’s library, you’ve nearly finished. Only a few things left to do including proof read, as well as make sure that your assignment is plagiarism free.

Whether you know it or not, your paper may be filled with lines or headings that can ring alarms to both professors and peers. Don’t find yourself on the wrong end of a meeting with the principal or dean! Here are some simple tips to help you avoid plagiarism when writing a research paper!

Check Your Plagiarism at the Door

With the rise of the internet, there are so many resources available to help you with your education. From guides on how to use Google Drive, to tools to help you find obscure sources for your paper, the resources at your fingertips are practically limitless! This also includes websites that can help you to check your paper for plagiarism.

There are several things that these websites will check for, including the following:

  • Paraphrasing materials

  • Copied, uncited materials

  • Misquoted materials

  • Checking thousands of other documents at once for similarities

Using these plagiarism sites to check out your paper after you’ve proofread it will help you to cut out the copies, the misquotes, or the uncited materials!

Cite, Cite, and Cite Some More!

Citing material is a great way to avoid plagiarism. Using various websites, resource books, or citing formats, you can easily create a research paper devoid of complications. Whether you’re paraphrasing, or quoting directly, by citing your sources you’re able to avoid plagiarism and a huge pain in the neck!

There are also sites where receive quality term paper service where they will help you to edit, write, and check for plagiarism! You can also hire a real person to help you check your paper and proof read. Find those types of resources within your educational community, or on websites that offer professional, credentialed help!

Know Your Material

Completely comprehending your material is a key component to finding original ideas in your research paper. By knowing exactly what you’re talking about, you’ll not only be able form unique ideas, but you’ll also be able to avoid plagiarizing a different source. Just as your mother was right about taking out loans, or finding a new roommate, she was also right to tell you to do your homework!

Complete understanding of your papers finer points will not only help you to avoid plagiarism, but it will also help you earn a better grade! Do the research and know your topic as well as you possibly can. That way you can not only finish your research paper plagiarism free, but you can actually absorb the information!

Writing a Research Paper and Avoiding Plagiarism Altogether!

With all the work it takes to write a quality research paper, it would be absolutely devastating to be placed on academic probation, or expelled for accidentally forgetting to cite a source. Avoid plagiarism by following these helpful tips! Cite your sources, understand your material, hire professional help, use all the resources available online, and turn in a plagiarism free research paper!

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