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Writing Advice for College Students


Your entire academic performance can easily be affected when you are falling behind in just one college class. There are various factors that might have led to this situation, perhaps the style of your professor isn’t one that suits you personally or the subject itself is a bit difficult for you to fully grasp during your courses solely. Regardless of case, if you want to obtain an improvement and keep your results appealing, private tuition is an option worth contemplating on. However, including tradition tutoring into your already busy schedule might seem like quite the inconvenience, so perhaps you should direct your attention towards online tuition instead. This alternative is far more flexible, could be a bit more affordable and the pole of offers is far wider. You have the chance of choosing great tutors, considering the fact that you aren’t geographically limited. When you are trying to find someone who can offer you the level of educational support desired, it’s critical to make an informed decision, and these are the characteristics you should be looking for in your future online tutor:


Although this might be something you already know, it needs to be mentioned here because the tutor’s experience can impact your academic journey more than initially expected. Without sufficient practice with online tuition, various inconveniences might arise. Even if the said professional might have been working with students for a long time, if the concept of online tuition is rather new to them, certain problems might arise, which you could have easily avoided when choosing someone with more experience in this field. When you find a tutor that catches your interest, request information on the matter from the start, and based on their answer, you can move on to the next aspects or start searching for someone else.

Optimized online presence

Doing your research on the tutor, before actually hiring their services is always advised. Without knowing much about them, how would you be able to conclude if they are up to the task? A good indicator of reliability will be an optimized online presence. What does that mean? Well, they should first of all  have their own online platform, where info on their services can be accessed, and where you can find their contact details. A LinkedIn account could also show their professionalism and involvement, and reviewing their page would help you reach more accurate conclusions. It doesn’t matter if you are in need of weekly chemistry tuition classes, math tuition or perhaps you want to improve your foreign language skills, as long as the sessions are being carried out in the online, their online presence should be on point.


If you have the possibility to, ask for a few recommendations from students who have worked with the tutor in the past. Knowing how well the tutor’s past students have performed after resorting to their services will help you figure out if they are actually good at their job. You can even search for testimonials online or ask them directly to put at your disposal a few references.


The reason why you might currently not be able to perform great in class could be due to a teaching style or approach that simply doesn’t resonate with you. This means, once you opt for private tuition, the person you will be working with should have the necessary abilities to customize the virtual classes to your full understanding. Adaptability becomes thus an essential criterion to have. Your tutor should figure out the optimal manner or sharing information, a way that actually suits you perfectly. Try to conclude how resourceful and adaptable they actually are.


There are situations in which you might need a question answered or a bit of extra support after your online class has already finished. Benefiting from consultation outside the actual virtual class can be extremely helpful, so one of the things you should inform yourself on when you are screening potential tutors is their availability. Are they willing to answer messages or to clarify things for you when necessary? How responsive are they? Discuss the topic of availability from the start, because you never know when this could come in handy. If you have an important exam coming up, and you have certain doubts, receiving a response from your tutor on time could actually save you from getting a bad mark.

Friendliness and great communication skills

As much experience as the tutor might have and as qualified as they may be, if you aren’t able to communicate with them properly, and forming a proper student-tutor bond seems impossible, it’s better to simply go in another direction. The ideal online tutor should be friendly enough to determine you to discuss openly any misunderstanding you might experience and to feel comfortable expressing all of your academic struggles. They should know how to create a relationship that allows the development of a resourceful academic improvement journey, so you should pay attention to this particular aspect. Although sometimes you might be able to determine from your first discussion if the said professional is someone you would like working with,  in other situations, it might take a couple of tuitions sessions to reach that conclusion. Be observant during your first hours of tutoring, and don’t hesitate to put an end to your collaboration.

Regardless of your specific study struggles, when you make the decision to work with a tutor, and especially one that offers services in the online, it’s important to be certain of their abilities. In order to benefit from the educational support you are seeking and for your effort to actually pay off, keep in mind these few characteristics when you are trying to choose a tutor. Considering how much private tuition can do for you in terms of academic performance, you should be making the most of the opportunity, and only by collaborating with the right professional your expectations will be met.

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