Important Survival Tips for Living in Hong Kong as an Expat

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The present-day work condition is highly demanding and challenging! Shifting to an entirely new place and staying there as an expat is something that is very common for individuals and family. So, have recently moved to Hong Kong because of your professional reasons? If yes, then you need to know specific survival strategies and tips to live in Hong Kong without problems.

The best survival strategies to consider

1. Choose your place of living smartly

One of the most critical decisions that you need to make as an expat in Hong Kong is the place where you want to reside. Today, there are several places and living communities created especially for the expats. Here you will find many people like you along with the best living conditions. You can search for such living spaces online and also check-out the Living in Hong Kong – Expatliving guide and find out the choices you have. Some of the famous places where expats reside include Sai Ying Pun, Tai Hang, Pok Fu Lam, Sheung Wan and many more.

2. Take care of your health and overall living

Moving to a new place might seem pleasant at the beginning, but it has its challenges! You are moving to a place with a different climate and ambiance around you. It will take some time for you to get acclimatized. Chances are you might get a dust allergy or feel dehydrated because of the tropical sun all over you. For this reason, it is essential to know about the average temperature and climate of the place beforehand and make the necessary health adjustments. Make sure that you eat healthy, stay hydrated most of the time and have the correct medicines and supplements with you, for any urgency.

3. Stay connected

All that you need anywhere is available online! So, make sure that you have a good internet connection plan. Select the best local Wi-Fi plan and stay connected to the internet all around the clock. Additionally, keep few numbers handy. It includes the names and addresses of:

  • The local medical shops and hospitals

  • The nearby grocery shop

  • The nearby cyber cafe

  • A local market and cafeteria close-by


Additionally, you can also keep the details of a local shopping mall, multiplex and the like. It will help you to plan and spend your day well.

4. Keep a local guidebook

It will take you some time to know your new place of living well! Till such time you become entirely aware of the routes, it’s always best to carry a local pocket map as well as a guidebook for help. You can count on it whenever you don’t know how to navigate your way or have to depend on another grocery store for shopping which might be located at a distance. You will get these small pocket guidebooks anywhere in the local stores along with the local maps.


There are plenty of other survival strategies that you can follow as an expat! However, you can start with these four tips mentioned above and then keep on adding others, that you can discover as days pass by.

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