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  1. A book never written: “To Make a Sandwich” by Phil E. Cheese.
  2. Where do you get sandwiches in India?… At the New Delhi. (World Geography Jokes)
  3. A book never written: “Making a Better Sandwich” by May O. Nase.
  4. What did the ghost eat for lunch?… A booloney sandwich! (Top Halloween Jokes)
  5. What would you find on a haunted beach?… A sand-witch! (Top Halloween Jokes & Beach Jokes)
  6. What is a golfer’s favorite lunch?… A ham sand-wedge. (Golf Jokes)
  7. What is a shark’s favorite sandwich?… A peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich.(Shark Jokes for Kids)
  8. What town in England makes terrible sandwiches?… Oldham! (World Geography Jokes)
  9. “If Burger King and Dairy Queen married, would their child make ice-cream sandwiches?”
  10. Customer: I refuse to eat this sandwich. Will you get the manager? Waiter: That’s no use. He won’t eat it, either.
  11. What does a clock do when it’s hungry?… It goes back for seconds! (Top Day Light Savings Jokes)
  12. Are you a fan of good books? We heard For Whom the BLT Tolls is a great read
  13. If people like sandwiches, what do lions like?… Man-wiches.
  14. A ham sandwich walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve food here.”
  15. What is a shark eat with peanut butter?…  jellyfish. (Shark Jokes for Kids & Peanut Butter Jokes)
  16. What is green on the inside, white on the outside and hops?… A frog sandwich!
  17. Why do Zombies go to Subway?… Because they like to Eat Flesh.
  18. What did bacon say to tomato?… Lettuce get together.
  19. Who casts spells at the beach?… The Sand-witch.
  20. Why did the tomato turn red?… It saw the sandwich dressing!
  21. Why don’t sandwiches like warm weather?… Things get Toasty!
  22. What did the vegetables say to the Sandwich?… Lettuce all smile.
  23. What do you eat at the beach?… A Sand-wich.
  24. Where do golfers go to eat?… The sand-wedge shop.
  25. Why don’t Americans eat snail sandwiches?… Because they like “Fast Food.”
  26. What did the fisherman catch when he used peanut butter as bait?… A jellyfish.
  27. Veggies? That’s what my food eats!


  1. What is the recipe for Honeymoon Sandwich?… Lettuce alone without dressing.
  2. What’s the difference between roast beef and pea soup?… Anyone can roast beef.
  3. I would never try to poison you hunny! Now eat your Pb and Jelly sandwich.
  4. What do you call a woman who can’t make sandwiches?… Single.
  5. Why did bread break up with margarine?… For a butter lover.
  6. Why do hamburgers go to the gym?… To get better buns.
  7. Any chicken sandwich can be a chicken caesar sandwich if you stab it enough.




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