New business owner? These 3 terrific tech services can help

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Writing Advice for College Students

Author Bio: Tom Lamb

If you’re an entrepreneur eager to start your own business, you’re in fine company on both sides of the Atlantic.

In Britain, think tank the Centre for Entrepreneurs tracked 510,767 new businesses launched thus far in 2018 and US Department of Labour statistics show that there were 415,226 new enterprises launched on that side of the pond up to the end of March 2017.

Launching a new business can be tougher than threading a needle with one finger, but sustaining success is sometimes even harder.

Help is at hand — here are three terrific tech services that provide peace of mind in diverse sectors.

1. Editing tools

When literary legend Ernest Hemingway wasn’t busy drinking double daiquiris, challenging all-comers to bare-chested boxing matches and berating F. Scott Fitzgerald for his flowery metaphors, he was producing crisp, precise prose that didn’t waste a word.

So if your business involves teaching anyone to write for newspapers or the web, elements of his style are worth appropriating. And using a concise copy editing tool can help anyone achieve the same economy of language that became Hemingway’s trademark.

Like any digital tool, they have their limitations, but online editing sites and apps can help writers convey complex ideas in simple terms — ideal for persuasive marketing or journalistic copy.

2. Project management software

As your company grows and you’re coordinating different teams and individuals in order to deliver results for clients, working with project management software makes things much easier.

A reliable system will have an intuitive interface that’s user-friendly and features that streamline work through automating time-consuming housekeeping tasks.

Advanced systems also allow users to set project budgets, split work into tasks that are billable and non-billable and when tasks are completed, they can be migrated onto invoices so that clients are charged in a transparent and timely manner.

This type of system might not be necessary for sole traders — but they save time and money for SMEs working on complex, high-value projects.

3. HR software

Another business function that entrepreneurs sometimes try to take care of personally is HR.

But it’s more complex than you might imagine, because this department can be involved in everything from absence timekeeping to staff-management relations.

However, securing a payroll outsourcing service will ensure staff working anywhere are paid promptly and accurately, in adherence with with the appropriate tax arrangements.

This approach may initially mean you don’t need human HR staff — and the ones you hire if you expand can concentrate on more complex tasks connected to employee health and corporate culture.

So there are three terrific tech services that can make your startup as stress-free as possible. Take them on today and feel the business burden lift blissfully from your shoulders.

What tech services does your business use? Share your tips in the comments section.

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