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Author Bio: My name is Alexia Walker, I am a blogger and work as an editor. I have a Master’s Degree in literature and love both reading and writing about books and literary topics. I also help students with their literary assignments – articles, essays and summaries of books, my works you can see at

The article tells about books that were favored by outstanding writers and poets of the past and the present.


According to the literature, his favorite thing was a short story called Calumet K by Merwin-Webster. The mentioned composition is considered as quite original. Its plot is built around the construction of an elevator, in connection with an expansion of agricultural production. You may compare own impressions after reading this work.


The great penman repeatedly called books the most loyal friends. It is no coincidence that back in 1935 he published their list, specifying he would better read them again than receive a million dollars. Among the faithful companions were Anna Karenina, Buddenbrooks, Madame Bovary, War and Peace, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Maison Tellier, La Chartreuse de Parme, and others.


At the age of 83, the author began discussing his favorite publications. Among the first, he named essays of Bernard Shaw, in which all human wisdom was embodied, as well as works by Lauren Easley and Moby-Dick by Herman Melville. It was these titles that had a huge impact on his fate.


It is unlikely anyone will be surprised to learn that the author of “Throne” still admires Tolkien’s work to this day. With the “Lord of the Rings”, our litterateur met at school. A new source of inspiration serves a novel by Emily St. John Mandel, narrating about an actor’s troupe in the futuristic world. This composition, to author’s opinion, is distinguished by its melancholic mood and rich vocabulary.


On the question of favorite books, the author of Gone Girl, without hesitation, called Agatha Christie’s “Then There No None” and Norman Mailer’s “The Chumbers’s Song”. As the main criterion, she noted the feeling of comfort when there is no desire to quit reading from the first page.


In his interview in 1950, a creator of Lolita frankly shared his intimate editions. He attributed the standing literature to Ulysses by James Joyce, Kafka’s Metamorphoses and Proust’s Quest for Lost Time. Recall that the writer himself made his novels on cardboard notes.


A famous penman remembers the “Maltese Falcon” as his favorite composition. The author notes an excellent storyline, thoughtful dialogues, interesting characters, as well as deep monologues.


In the period from 1941 to 1956, the Nobel Prize winner formed a series of letters detailing his views on human relations and reading in particular. He warmly mentions Jules Verne and J. Salinger. It was these works that evoked in his rapture, awe and real experiences for the personages.


A “mother” of Harry Potter prefers the classic, namely touching Jane Austen. It is hard to understand the majesty of her prose. You seem to be participating in a certain story itself, but at the same time, you observe what is happening from the side. She does not use special effects or screaming scenes, which imperceptibly fascinates the reader. Another favorite children’s book was “The History of Treasure Hunters” by E. Nesbit, who struck with frankness.


A renowned writer not only shared his beloved titles but also wrote a composition entirely devoted to an ability to handle literature. He compared communication with them with to acquisition of life experience. His favorites were “Wuthering Heights”, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, “The Unhappy” and “Leaves of Grass”, which provided invaluable support in his personal evolution.


The first literary work of the author of “East Eden” was a collection of stories by Sir Thomas Malory. Steinbeck received it as a gift for his birthday. Undoubtedly, they reflected on the poets and writers style, contributing to the development of his own author’s approach. According to penman, his Acts of King Arthur became the best composition of his life path. He managed to finish only seven chapters of the book until he lost the battle to the death.


A quite prolific writer frankly gave the palm to the primacy of Dostoevsky’s novels. Oates pointed out that a lot of modern people do not perceive his language and messages. She also mentioned another prominent book, “Ulysses” James Joyce. Almost every page impresses with its genius and reflects on your mind.

Thus, you managed to get acquainted with the “favorites” of eminent writers and poets. Of course, their comments serve only as a guide to which you may listen or skip. You can create your own list of “pets” that have influenced your life. But this is possible only if you constantly read and are interested in literary novelties.

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