The Key To A Healthy Finance: Debt Consolidation Options

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The key difference between a successful business and a failed one is effective debt management. Unless you are a multi-millionaire, you must have to deal with multiple debts and creditors on a regular basis. This is a part of every small and medium business. Every entrepreneur deals with a milieu of different kinds of debts. This can become too overwhelming at times.

It is not very uncommon for nouveau entrepreneurs to lose track of payments, bills and interest rates. Rather than calling quits you should look for ways that will help you manage your debt better.

Why is debt consolidation a dream come true?

Debt consolidation is a wonderful technique that combines all existing debts. You can take out one big loan to pay off all your small business loans at once and then you can pay off the big amount in easy instalments. The rates of interest are also comparatively low.

Unbelievable rates for everyone

Annual interest rates can vary from 5% to 15% depending on a number of factors including:

  • Loan amount

  • Term of payment

  • Organization type: banks, online consolidation companies, peer-to-peer, payday lenders

  • Loan type: secured or unsecured

  • Credit score and credit history

These factors are all interdependent. If you have a good credit score, you can easily get an unsecured loan from a verified credit union or a bank. Unsecured loans usually have a higher rate of interest. Secured loans against a good credit score can get you maximum amounts for minimum interest rates of around 5%.

Debt consolidation for personal finances

Debt consolidation is a real solution for business troubles as well as personal financial troubles. Many single women and newly married couples also apply for consolidation loans to avoid the hassle of paying multiple bills and credit card companies.

Most single women debts consist of utility bills, credit card bills, insurance payments and mortgages. Even that can be handled well by a debt counsellor. You can approach a debt consolidation company nationaldebtrelief for their exclusive counselling services that will help you organize all your payments at one go!

How is debt consolidation loan ideal for businesses?

All entrepreneurs who want to turn their business around in minimum time have preferred debt consolidation. It has certain niche advantages including:

  1. Protection of business assets

  2. Improving funding and cash flow

  3. Avoiding insolvency and preventing liquidation of assets

  4. Eliminating the need to interact with multiple creditors simultaneously

Who is a debt counselor?

Just as in case of personal debt consolidation, an entrepreneur should also consult a debt specialist or a debt counselor and study before going further into debt consolidation loans. A professional debt counselor will help you understand how much amount will be ideal for your business. He will help you find and forge new ways for efficient money management through budgeting and education.

Debt consolidation loan is not always appropriate for all businesses. Before making a formal commitment you need to understand if consolidating your loans will at all help you with recovery of business finances.


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