3 Surprising Benefits Of Working As A Freelancer

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Employment has been a major challenge in most developing countries. This is because most jobs have probably been taken up. According to blogs.worldbank.org, creating job opportunities is the way forward. Technology has brought about more employment, and at the same time made work easier. Some people have found their dream jobs online. The major benefit of any employment is to get income to be able to foot your bills. Through technology and the availability of internet, employers have been able to get the market ready for their projects. Employers employ their clients online through websites that offer many services. Freelancing involves keying in your profile on these online platforms and waiting for an employer to select you to work for them. The sites have a big database where all the profiles are stored. You are allowed to create a personalized profile that will convince the employer of your level of efficiency. There are many reasons why many people have signed up on freelancer platforms. The reasons include; -

1. Selection

When you work as a freelancer, you are at liberty to choose the kind of projects you will work on, and at the same time you get to decide the client you want to work with. This will never happen when you are seeking for a permanent employment opportunity in any firm. In most cases, you will be invited for an interview. The interview is a way for the employer to evaluate you in person and if you’re lucky to go through, your work is set out for you. However, when you work as a freelancer, you have the freedom to pick the work you are capable of doing. Once these projects are done, they will be assessed and payments made.

2. Flexibility

Freelancers enjoy a lot of flexibility. There is nothing wrong with working from home and getting paid. Most jobs require you to report to an office on a daily basis. However, when you are a freelancer, you get to decide when to do the job as long as you hand it in at the stipulated time. Freelancers only get to worry about delivering the work before the deadline. You can therefore work from anywhere and at any time. The location is not fixed. You can even travel around as you work. This freedom ensures that you deliver quality work at your own pace.

3. Income & keep all profits.

Footing bills is not easy. This is why many people have opted to look for alternative means of generating income apart from employment. Consequently, many people have their profiles listed on freelancer websites. Some people work as freelancers on a full time basis. This is a preferred choice, especially when you can generate more income than when you’re employed. You can find photography freelancers, who use their skills to get more income. As a freelancer, you get to make high profits. However, when you are employed, you get a flat rate payment irrespective of the load of work you do. As a freelancer, you get to keep the money for both the large and small projects.


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