Top 3 Summer Parking Tips

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Author Bio: ParkWise is a crowd-sourced parking solution that allows drivers to automatically exchange information about parking availability with each other. It is entirely free and is available on both iOS and Android.

Summer is here! While parking regulations and restrictions vary widely between different cities, there are definitely some steps you can take to make this summer’s parking as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Block Car Windows from the Sun

Cars trap the heat in the sun and the temperature inside your car can rise very quickly. According to Consumer Reports, a car can reach up to 200 degrees inside. Here are a few things you can do to keep your car cool:

  • Covered parking: Although it is straightforward advice, it’s always good to be conscious of it. Try to park in the shade, or at least get the sun to hit the rear windows instead of the front. That way, the front seats and steering wheel are spared the sweltering heat.

  • Sunshades: They are cheap and easy to get and can significantly block the direct rays entering your vehicle and keep the temperature low in your car. If your car has tainted windows, it can keep back a lot of the heat as well.

  • Opened windows: It is a good idea to leave windows slightly open, so they don’t contain the warm air. Make sure to leave them less than an inch open, to avoid the possibility of theft.

  • Cover up leather: leather can get very hot and can even cause burns. Make sure to cover up a leather steering wheel and seats with a piece of clothing to keep away the burning heat.

Parking Regulations

When vacationing in another city, nothing ruins the fun as much as coming back to your car and finding the windshield adorned with a costly parking ticket. Sometimes, a little effort in advance can make all the difference. Before driving around in a city, try to do the following:

  • Most cities have a website with an overview of the parking rules. Each town has its own system of regulations, street cleaning schedules and restrictions. Sometimes even having a notion of how things work can be very helpful when trying to decipher local parking signs.

  • To get around decrypting convoluted parking signs (New York is especially notorious in that regard), use an app to get the most accurate information. For example, ParkWise allows you see the relevant parking regulations and will even notify you of upcoming street cleaning at your parking location.

Parking Reservations

When visiting a new place, particularly a busy city, one often underestimates the cost of driving around looking for parking, in terms of both time and gas. It is often a good idea to check out the area online beforehand and see about available parking garages in the area where cheap spots may be available. While more expensive on the face of it, it may often make up for long parking lookup times and potential fines.

Alternative, you can use ParkWise to help you find available and soon-to-be-available street parking. It will then also notify you in turn of upcoming street cleaning at your parking location so you can move your car in time.


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