5 Jobs In The Beauty Industry That Could Be Your Second Career

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Author: Samantha Jones

Many people decide to change their career later in life, or start something on the side to supplement their regular job. Because people are now living longer  and working for more years than before, thanks to the shift in the pension retirement age, a lot of mature people are making a leap to something new.

There are parents that may want a part-time job while raising a family. Rather than taking any job going, you can choose to pursue a more interesting or stimulating career, such as entering the beauty industry and following their lifelong passions for hair and make-up, wanting to help people resolve skin issues, or learn new skills so they can perform therapies and beauty treatments.

1. Aesthetics Training

You could take up some Glasgow Aesthetics Training courses to specialise in a particular area such as Botox and fillers. This would enable you to build up a regular and stable client base of people who care about their appearance and would require regular treatments to slow or reverse the signs of ageing skin.

2.  Beauty Therapist

A second career as a beauty therapist would ideally suit someone who loves working with people and can easily build up a good rapport with their clients. This can help put your clients at ease, build a sense of trust in you and lead to repeat bookings for your services. You would train to offer your clients a whole range of different face and body treatments, so this is a great second job for someone who loves to learn lots of new things.

3. Skincare Specialist

This is an area where you could train to do a lot of good. Becoming a skincare specialist is quite similar to that of a beauty therapist, but you will be training to be a more specialised esthetician and may focus on clients that have sensitive skin, or react to certain ingredients, so you would be challenged to find a solution to their problem.

4. Hairstylist

Training to become a hairdresser can be an exciting career change, especially if you are a creative person with a passion for all sorts of different hair styles and hair treatments. Many people choose to specialise in certain areas, so if you have a real passion for creating bridal hairstyles, then you could find yourself very in-demand from brides-to-be in your local area

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