What You Need to Know about the Updated TAE Course

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Guest Author: Timmy Hart

The TAE Course is intended for workplace and vocational trainers or assessors. The 2016 TAE40116 is an upgrade from TAE40110, and is the new standards with regard to delivery and assessment in TAFE and other Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

This course has been revised several times and this upgrade is actually the fourth one. The following are the first 3:

  • 1998BSZ40198 – Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training

  • 2004TAA40104 – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

  • 2010TAE40110 – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Those that have already done the above-mentioned courses are advised to upgrade to the 2016 one, even if you hold TAE40110. Essentially, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is relevant to you as a trainer or assessor.

As earlier mentioned, the TAE40116 was released in 2016, precisely on the 6th of April. It took quite a while for discussions on the proposed changes to be finalized and accepted. It was to be released in 2015 as TAE40115. A number of stakeholders were involved in the discussions that led to the upgrade.


Significant alterations were made to the training and assessment systems as well as the TAE diploma qualifications. The Cert IV TAE was also affected by these alterations. Two new core units were added. These are:

  • TAELLN411: Addressing adult language, numeracy skills and literacy

This course helps to develop the skills required of a trainer or assessor to the language, literacy and numerical (LLN) skills that are relevant in the workplace. The trainer is expected to use the relevant resources and tools to adequately equip their learners.

  • TAEASS502: Design and develop assessment tools

This one is a diploma level unit meant to develop skills and knowledge that is necessary for design of effective assessment that guides the collection of quality evidence. This includes applying informative and summative recognition of prior learning (RPL).

The other reason holders of the previous certificates are required to upgrade to the latest version is because two units were updated that are not equivalent to the previous version. These are:

  • TAESS401: Plan Assessment activities and processes

  • TAESS403: Participate in assessment validation

Preparing for the TAE40116 update

If the new version is not yet available either online or physically, you can still prepare for it by:

  • Studying the TAE40110 certificate

  • Studying the core units

This way, you will get your qualifications fast and not get passed over for any career opportunities that are based on this training. You will also be in a better position to upgrade your certificate later by going for a gap training instead of doing the entire course from the beginning. This would be considered an advantage.

So, if you are wondering if you should upgrade your certificate, the simple answer is yes, you should. And you can choose to either take the whole course all over again or you can simply do the updated courses and go for a gap course when it is convenient for you.

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