Looking to Pursue a Career in Engraving? This Is What Would Be Expected of You

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Author Bio: Charlie Watson

An engraver is an artist. You are an artist. So, you figure you want to earn your bread as an engraver. What kind of art appeals to you? An engraver etches images, writings and specific designs onto various types of materials.

The designs and images…even words that an engraver etches onto any material may be their own creation or specific instructions by a client. You have the choice to use hand tools and a magnifying glass, or you can opt for precision lasers. Actually, you can even choose to do both. You must undergo some training all the same, especially if you want to use hand tools and a magnifying glass.

Look up more information online on sites like PBS-lamacoid labels and others to see what other materials you can work with.

You will be working on the following materials:

  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Fabric
  • Other materials as specified by your client

What an engraver does

  • Those who work with hand tools to create custom pieces of art stencil the design pattern onto the material they are meant to engrave.

  • They then, very carefully and deliberately, etch the design onto the material using their chosen tools.

  • As they engrave, they will wipe or blow on the material they are working on.

  • To finish up, they will sand down the edges to create a wonderfully finished product that the client will be proud to own.

Images and phrases

You will often come across a client who wants an image or a phrase engraved onto certain materials. Images and phrases can be etched onto the following:

  • Stamps

  • Picture frames

  • Wedding rings

  • Gift items

  • Fabric

To produce something that will satisfy your client, you will be expected to work closely with them. Your listening and comprehension skills must be topnotch here so that you can deliver exactly what your client is paying for.

Customer service may be an important aspect of an engraver’s work depending on where you work. Most potential clients want to see examples of your work before they commit to working with you. You must take this positively and be willing to discuss any aspect of your work that raises questions.

An engraver can work:

  • Independently via a shop

  • Through a network of specific vendors

  • Independently selling their work to stores, craft fairs and online stores

Ultimately, it is up to you if you want to be employed or to work independently. The beauty of this line of work is that you can even work from home.

Working with lasers

If you choose to work with lasers instead of hand tools, you can still create wonderful engravings on jewelry and other materials. Many engravers choose to work with lasers because they are able to work with many different materials. Lasers are also more precise and exact in the creation of designs.

Should you choose this line of work, you will benefit from finding sites online like PBS-lamacoid labels that can give you many ideas on the different directions your career can take you, including working for a company or for yourself.

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