How to Make Your Student’s Essays Easier

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Author Bio: Stephen Shunk is English language lecturer. Stephen is keen in cognitive linguistics researching and occasionally blogs about culture and nature of speech, languages, and their origin. You can reach him on G+.

Back in school, your students will be handling a number of essays from time to time. There are a variety of essays to be written and that includes general academic essays and application essays for colleges among several others. Without the right skills as applied in paper writing services, students may take a lot of time to figure out the writing. In such a case, here is how you can make it easier for them:

1. Don’t be afraid to write an awful draft

Make them understand that there is no need for being a perfectionist right from the start because they may never get started with the process. If they keep going back and forth looking for a good start, it may never happen. All they need is to just get started anyhow as long as they have the idea in their mind. Let them close the eyes and just begin typing from anywhere. Write down anything that comes to the mind to prepare them for the actual assignment.

2. Get Started with a Different thing altogether

Let your students keep in mind the issue of having an awful draft in place to help them relax. They don’t have to be worried about anything other than just writing, which could be something other than what is in question. Just begin with something as a fad. It is not a waste of time because it’s a way of making the brain loose and getting it relaxed. This is one of the best essay writing steps to apply.

3. Make Use of the 1-inch Picture Frame Rule

Don’t wait to form the entire picture of what to write from the beginning to the end. All you need is to write down as much as you can observe in a 1-inch pictured frame. Consider that as what you are going to get started with at the moment. It is good enough to just write a paragraph of your hometown along few other aspects and paint a picture of that using words. That is how to begin.

4. Write in the Morning or Evening Hours

Depending on the level of the study, consider which times work best for students. high schoolers may have a difficult working in the morning but it is still an option if there is time for that. In most cases, students may be struggling with words in the course of the day and in that case, it is important to encourage them to write their essays either in the evening or during the morning hours. There is a strong willpower, and creativity that comes in the morning and more especially because we all are in better moods than at any other time of the day.

5. Edit in Hard Copy

To slash out any unnecessary words, consider making a print of what you have written so. Essentially, your student will have a lot to get rid of from their essays. Even the best students will make some unwanted inclusions in the essay that need to be removed. This will help in making sure the final draft contains important information only that needs to be passed on.

6. Get Help from Experts

Show students how they may need the help of a TermPaperEasy service to get their essays fine-tuned. Once they have got a solid essay with them, ask them to get someone to put their eyes on it.  Remember that the essay will finally get into the hands of another person and therefore, it is good to confirm that the intent and purpose of your essay is correct with the help of another person.

7. Start Working on the Essay Early Enough

Where possible, ask your student to spend enough time working on their essay. It will be very useful especially in allowing the draft to sit for some time and later come back to it with fresh eyes. Working too closely with the essay for a long time increases the chances of getting everything right. Students who wrote essays that worked had all the time to go over and over again through their work to ensure their validity.


For your students to get essay writing inspiration, you may be the only help they have. In that case, you need to exude calm and confidence in showing the way out of their situation. Go out of your way to make sure they understand what they are supposed to do. Even if it means getting samples from term papers for sale services, it will be very useful in getting their minds opened up about the essay at hand. Make them understand that they don’t need to fear to make mistakes at first and that they should get started with the writing process even if it is off-topic. Let them start out early enough in order to have sufficient time to try out everything for their essay to work!


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