Five Useful Tips To Get a Good Home Sitting Job

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House sitting is now one of the newest phenomenons travelers can do, as it’s the best way to explore other countries while saving up on accommodation costs. You’ll be able to settle in a residential area and see new sights! Homeowners have a reliable house sitter while the latter will be able to live in holiday destinations without the rent. It’s what makes many travelers want to get into house sitting today. With this being a growing trend, it can get quite difficult landing the best jobs suitable for you. So if you’re a beginner looking for home sitting jobs Brisbane, read on as I show you the five best tips to get a good home sitting job anywhere to get you started.

1. Know All About What House Sitting Is

First off, you have to understand what it is to housesit. It’s not just about living in it and ensuring that nothing gets lost. This is a responsibility you’ll be taking, caring for someone’s home. It’s not exactly free because you’ll need to do quite a bit of work while you’re exploring, such as taking out the garbage, cleaning up after yourself, taking care of the maintenance, or even gardening. You have to be knowledgeable on how to do household chores correctly and with quality, keeping the home spick and span while the owners are away.

2. Create a Detailed Profile

Before you do begin searching for house sitting jobs, you have to create a detailed profile. You can sign up for websites that have people looking and hiring house sitters to make it easier to become recognized. Have a detailed and eye-catching profile, adding all the details required and experience with house sitting and the like. Add personality and treat it like a normal job application. Present yourself in the best ways and make sure to check your spelling. When applying, be polite, write in full sentences, and do your research on how other successful house sitters present their profiles.

3. Read the House Listings Carefully

Now that you’ve created a profile, it’s now time to start looking and applying for your desired house sitting job! You can start off in your area to train experience or look around places you plan to visit in the future. But you shouldn’t only filter your search through location but read through each house listing carefully. Some may have pets or extra responsibilities outside what you expect.

Additionally, it’s best to do your research about the homeowner to ensure that the person you are house sitting for is safe and trusted. I usually apply for jobs with specific references and photos that validate the job.

4. Engage and Create Connections

When you have applied for a job, from the moment you message up until the job is done (considering you were hired), engage with the people you work for. Through showing your good personality and creating connections, you won’t only have a better chance at landing the housesitting gig but you’ll also leave a positive mark with the house owners, which will have them want to hire or recommend you for future housesitting jobs! Work as hard as you can and ensure that everything in the house is well taken cared for to get all the positive reviews and references.

5. Avoid Doing Any of These Things!

When applying for house sitting jobs, avoid doing any of the following:

• Don’t start off with a request and make it seem like the house owner owes you a favor. Additionally, avoid telling them only what you think they want to hear and be honest with your skills and competencies.

• Do NOT tell the house owners you don’t have any experience. Come up with something that makes you usable, such as babysitting, looking after friends’ homes, or even walking the dog.

• Ask intelligent questions and do not assume anything. Verify what the house owner needs and expects you to do when you are house sitting.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! If you want to start traveling while saving up on hotel and accommodation, then you may want to consider a house sitting job, which gives you the freedom to explore the world while staying at a comfortable place rent-free! As long as you are a responsible house sitter and have the skills for household chores, then you’ll be able to land a job and continue getting references in no time.

I hope that these useful tips to get a good home sitting job gave you an idea on how you can start your career and travels as a house sitter. So don’t wait any longer and utilize any of these tips today.

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on being a house sitter, then comment below. I would love to hear what you have to think!


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