Insider Secrets: Find Genuine Online Help from Tutors on Social Media

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Check out our complete list of 100+ Guest Blogs!365 Family Friendly Jokes!

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Do you constantly argue with your children because they spend a lot of time on social media? Some teachers blame parents for allowing their kids to bring Internet-enabled gadgets to school. Come to the end of the semester, parents are quick to blame teachers for their children’s dismal academic performance.

There’s really nothing wrong with interacting with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In fact, you can get credible and reliable genuine online help from tutors on these social websites. This includes elementary, middle, and, high school subjects.

Here are four secrets to help you find amazing online tutors on social media.

1. Pay attention to the page reviews

Facebook pages for businesses contain reviews sections on the left-hand side of the screen. Here, you can type a review and award ratings based on a five-star metric. This information helps potential clients to find out about the company’s quality of products or services and their overall customer care service.

When you visit the tutor’s Facebook page, read all the reviews posted over 6 months ago. If most reviews belong to recurrent members, it means that the business consistently offers brilliant online help from qualified teachers.

2. Read the visitors’ posts

Twitter allows you to view all the people following a certain company. When you type the company’s name into the search form and hit “Enter”, you’ll instantly get all the tweets that relate to the brand. Just like Facebook’s review section, you’ll notice that these tweets belong to previous and current customers. In addition, you’ll come across potential clients who have the same questions as you do.

One way of assessing their level of response is by posting a simple question on the company’s wall. A company that responds within the same day shows that they are effective.

3. Check the page’s activity

Facebook pages aren’t just for businesses to promote their services but they also help customers to relay their feedback. Active pages usually post new content at least three times a week. This can be in form of posts, images, and, video content. The same rules apply for Twitter and Instagram. Pay attention to the responses elicited by the posts. The more people that like, retweet, or share the page’s post, the higher the level of interaction.

4. Favor pages that have a professional appearance

Parents want to provide the best academic support to their children. The best tutors package their brand professionally because they value academic success and making the right impression on parents. Avoid companies that lack staff photos on their official Facebook and Twitter handles. Reputable online tutors display their official logos and active websites.

Summing it up

Rather than spending money on social media blockers, you can teach your child how to spend their time productively on Facebook and Twitter. Once they get the hang of it, they’ll surprise you with amazing GPAs. They can even teach their friends how to form active online-based study groups.

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