5 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Medical School Graduation

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Check out our complete list of 100+ Guest Blogs!365 Family Friendly Jokes!

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Completing medical school is no mean feat. And after the many years of toil, medical students are usually ecstatic that they can finally have the blessed title of MD. So, what should you get a medical student as a graduation gift? Whether you’re their aunt or you’re a medical student yourself looking to surprise your fellow colleagues, here is the ultimate guide to gifting those who have sacrificed their youth, sleep and effort all for the love of medicine.

1. Day Planner

This is probably one of the first things that any recent medical school graduate needs. Due to the strenuous hours and endless obligations associated with the practice of medicine, it is extremely important for young doctors to learn the art of organization as early as possible. Getting a Hobonichi daily planner is an excellent way for you to start off your beloved graduate on the right path. To add an extra dose of class, be sure to get them a matching leather cover which can be engraved with their name. In addition, having a cover prevents the daily planner from getting worn out and it also creates space for them to place their phone, credit cards and other personal effects.

2. Intricate Frame

A medical student’s degree is probably one of the most important documents they will ever receive in life. Many doctors love to hang their degrees in their offices and homes, so why not gift them with a lovely intricate frame to house their great accomplishment? Be sure to get details on the right size that will fit the document and go with a durable material that will serve them for years to come.

3. Engraved Pens

From writing prescriptions to signing documents, a good pen is mandatory for any doctor. Getting an engraved pen will not only be a constant reminder of their amazing accomplishment, but it will also add a touch of class and elegance to their daily routine. Be sure to include several refills to ensure that they have enough ink to sustain them for some time.

4. Stethoscope

A doctor can never have enough stethoscopes, and despite the fact that they probably already have one, this is still one of the most functional gifts you can give. Get your loved one a fabulous customized stethoscope with their name, preferred head design and custom tubing colors. If you’re unsure about the specific details that they would want, you can gift them with a gift voucher to get their own custom stethoscope from a recognized medical supplies shop.

5. Books and Movies

Doctors rarely get time off, but when they do, a great book or fabulous movie can make a huge difference in their leisure time. Find out who their favorite author is and buy them a collection of books or you can also find out what their favorite movie or series is (it’s probably a medical drama) and purchase for them a DVD collection of all the seasons.

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