Buying a Laptop: A Guide for Students

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Laptop computers make life easier and more efficient for students. They are essential tools that can be used during lectures, training sessions, research and assignments. Since university students often have to be away from home, a laptop offers a practical solution for portability and makes it possible to study from any location.


  • One of the key steps to finding the right laptop for your needs is to carry out some research. This will help you identify the specifications that you need. Students do not usually require state of the art or hi-tech devices.
  • Focus on finding a laptop that runs fast and can provide substantial storage space. If you plan to play games on your computer, sound and graphics can also be considered.
  • Establish a budget and research about what you will be able to get according to what you can afford. Think about the kind of laptop you want as well as the life span of the device.


  • The sizes of laptop screens vary and can be chosen according to personal preferences.
  • Previously wide screens were associated with more expensive devices but as laptops have become more powerful, there is an array of screens are that are wide enough to display DVDs properly. This also makes it possible to fit more word documents and internet pages on the screen.
  • Wider screens are ideal for enhancing the visual aspects of videos and games. Get a screen according to the size and weight of laptop that is suitable for your needs.


  • The brain and core of a computer is the CPU that determines how the laptop will perform. It handles all the things that the computer does, ranging communicating with the printer to playing movies. An optimally performing CPU is the best choice to maximize on internet usage and data processing.
  • Processors offer different speeds and you can choose from the ones that provide longer battery life and do not create a lot of heat. The speed of the processer is important if you plan to write word documents, watch DVDs, play music and use the internet. It indicates how much you will be able to do to at the same time.
  • Intensive games, video editing and composing music require high speed. Focus on the best laptops for engineering students here.


Most programs on computers run on the memory and this makes it necessary to select as much memory as you need. Memory affects computer performance and having more will have a positive effect on overall performance. With the advent of certain operating systems, laptops require more memory to remember commands and accommodate their power. Laptops offer as much as 4GB and users can determine the memory they need.

Hard Drive

Hard drive is among the vital components of a computer. This refers to the section that stores information like pictures, web pages, music, documents and videos. The sizes of hard drives are in GB and are available from 80GB and over. 80GB works well for students for word processing and small or medium library sizes for pictures and music. If you need storage for videos, a laptop with an adequate hard drive is recommended for storing your files.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is the part of a computer that sends information such as pictures, icons and web pages to the screen. It displays the web page or folder when a user clicks on an icon. Graphics are integrated into laptops and there is no external element that you are required to plug in.

While the graphics card is not a crucial factor if you are writing word documents, listening to music or browsing the web, a larger video card is required for playing games or editing videos. A higher MB means that you can do more with a graphics card.

Battery Life

Battery life is not an issue for laptops that are plugged in at home but for students who want to be able to move around with their devices, it is important to find out what it is. The battery should be able to hold sufficient charge and you can extend its life extensively by discharging it occasionally when your laptop is plugged in.

Quick Tips

  • There are different brands to choose from and some of the features to look out for include sturdiness, affordability, quality components and suitable specifications.
  • Students can consider insuring their laptops and consult a provider for further guidance regarding the level of coverage that is applicable.
  • When you buy a laptop it is important to take proper care of it to avoid the high costs of fixing or replacing it.
  • Make sure that you know the type of device you want before you start shopping.

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