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Many of the author’s are on our Top Twitter Accounts for Teachers & Top 10 Educators by State.

Angela Maiers / @AngelaMaiers (146K followers)

Vicki Davis / @coolcatteacher (146K followers) I love students! Best teacher blog winner * Mom * speaker * AUTHOR Reinventing Writing * Cool Cat Teacher Blog * HOST Every Classroom Matters show. Camilla, Georgia · Post: Vicki Davis: Educator of the Week

Van Meter Library Voice by @shannonmmiller (56.1K followers) Link:

My Island View: Educational, Disconnected Utterances by @tomwhitby (78.1K followers) Link:

@LAPromiseFund (50.4K followers)

The below blogs will be updated soon!

A Principal’s Perspective by @NormandinBill.


Bill’s Guest Blog: All Kids Can SUCCEED – Be the “1″

Learning in Burlington by @PatrickMLarkin


Patrick’s Guest Blog: Patrick Larkin’s Top 5 Twitter Accounts for Teachers


5. Mrs. Naugle’s Classroom Blog by @plnaugle


Paula’s Guest Blog: Should You Be Using Exit Slips in Your Classroom?

6. Teaching is Elementary by @ncarroll24


Nancy’s Guest Blog: 4th Grade Teachers Connect via Twitter

7. PJ Caposey: Education, Leadership, and Progress by @principalpc


PJ’s Guest Blog: Bridging the Parent-Teacher Communication Gap

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