The World’s Funniest Jokes A – Z

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  1. 180 School Jokes: What do you find in an empty nose?…fingerprints! (Top Elementary School Jokes)
  2. 101 Pi Day Jokes: 3.14% of Sailors are PI rates! (Top Pirate Jokes)
  3. 101 Mole Day Jokes: What did one mole say to the other?… We make great chemistry together. (Top STEM Jokes)
  4. Algebra Jokes:
  5. Archery Jokes: What did the young maiden say to the handsome archer?… “You make me quiver.”
  6. Astronomy Jokes
  7. Badminton Jokes: Why are badminton players so loud?… Because they are always making a RACKET!
  8. Baseball Jokes: Did you hear the joke about the baseball?… It will leave you in stitches!
  9. Basketball Jokes: What kind of stories are told by basketball players?…. Tall Tales.
  10. Biology Jokes
  11. Bird Jokes: What kind of math do Snowy Owls like?… Owlgebra! (101 Pi Day JokesAlgebra Jokes)
  12. Black Friday Jokes: Why do they call the day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday”?… It matches the mood of all those unhappy shoppers. (Thanksgiving Jokes)
  13. Boxing Jokes: What is a boxer’s favorite part of a joke?… The punch line!
  14. Candy Jokes:
  15. Coffee Jokes:
  16. Fencing Jokes: Fencing jokes?… What’s the point?
  17. Field Hockey Jokes: Why do field hockey players never sweat?… They have too many fans!
  18. Fishing Jokes: What MTV show do bass fishermen watch?… The Reel World!
  19. Football Jokes: Top 25 Football Jokes
  20. Friday the 13th:
  21. Top Geography Jokes
  22. Geometry Jokes
  23. Top Golf Jokes
  24. Gymnastics Jokes
  25. Halloween Jokes
  26. Top Handball Jokes
  27. Hockey Jokes: Top Hockey Jokes
  28. Top Judo Jokes
  29. Top Karate Jokes
  30. Lacrosse Jokes: Top 17 Lacrosse Jokes
  31. Top Marathon Jokes
  32. Pentathlon Jokes
  33. Physics Jokes
  34. Pi Day Jokes
  35. Pizza Jokes
  36. Psychology Jokes
  37. Top Racquetball Jokes
  38. Roller Sports Jokes:
  39. Rowing Jokes:
  40. Rugby Jokes:
  41. Sailing Jokes:
  42. Skiing Jokes:
  43. Snow Day Jokes: What does Jack Frost like best about school?… Snow and tell. (Top Elementary School Jokes)
  44. Top Soccer Jokes
  45. Top Softball Jokes
  46. Summer Olympic Jokes
  47. Top Swimming Jokes
  48. Squash Jokes:
  49. Surfing Jokes: What did the wave say to the surfer?…  Have a swell time! (World Oceans Day Jokes)
  50. Top Swimming Jokes:
  51. Table Tennis Jokes:
  52. Taekwondo Jokes:
  53. Top Tennis Jokes
  54. U.S. History Jokes
  55. US Track and Field Jokes:
  56. Veterans Day Jokes
  57. Top Volleyball Jokes:
  58. Water Polo Jokes:
  59. Water Ski Jokes:
  60. Weightlifting Jokes:
  61. Winnie the Pooh Jokes: What’s Winnie’s favorite bird?… Christopher Robin.
  62. Winter Jokes: Why did the gingerbread man go to the doctors?… He was feeling crummy.
  63. World Geography Jokes
  64. Wrestling Jokes:

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