Surfing Jokes: Top 10 Surfing Jokes

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  1. What did the wave say to the surfer?…  Have a swell time! (World Oceans Day Jokes)
  2. How do surfers clean themselves?… They wash up on shore! (World Oceans Day Jokes)
  3. What detergent do surfers use to wash their wet suit?… Tide!
  4. How do people surfing say “HI” to each other?.. They Wave! (World Oceans Day Jokes)
  5. Why did the surfer cross the beach?… To get to the other tide. (World Oceans Day Jokes)
  6. Why are surfer’s generally more cheerful and relaxed then most others?… They are the only grownups who get to pee in their cloths on a regular basis.
  7. What do you call a surfer who just broke up with his girlfriend?… Homeless
  8. What did one surfer say to the other?… DUDE!
  9. How do you get a surfer to school on time?… Tell him the waves are bad! (180 School Jokes)
  10. What’s a surfers favorite piece of clothing?… Tube socks.
  11. What’s the difference between a surfer and a large pizza?… A large pizza can feed a family of five. (Pizza Jokes)
  12. Why didn’t the surfer ride the glassy waves?… Because he heard they were breaking! (World Oceans Day Jokes)
  13. Give a man a surfboard, and you’ve distracted him for a day. Teach a man to surf, and you can’t get him to work.
  14. Golf: For people who don’t know how to surf. (Top Golf Jokes)
  15. Surfing is one of the few sports where you can pee whenever you want. That’s why they call them wetsuits.

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