Basketball Shooting: 3 Simple C’s to Focus On

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Author: Nick Bartlett is the Marketing Manager at Dr. Dish Basketball, makers of the most advanced basketball shooting machine in the world. Nick played college basketball at the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire and enjoys promoting the right way to play the game.

As a player, it can be overwhelming to incorporate all of the different basketball shooting tips that are heard from coaches, trainers, parents, and other influencers.

“Keep your elbow in! Don’t use your off-hand! Square up to the hoop! Don’t use your palm!” Etc…etc…

Many of these suggestions are valid and potentially can help you become a better shooter. But it’s difficult to perfect your shot until YOU become comfortable with it.

Below are three simple “C’s” that players can always focus on no matter what their mechanics are.


This may seem obvious, but there are many players that nonchalantly shoot around before, during, and after practice. As legendary Coach Bobby Knight says, “I hate casual shooting. Working to get open and catch and shoot must precede every shot under game like conditions.”

Careless and casual shooting can actually create bad habits and make you a worse shooter. Even when you’re practicing, try to envision yourself shooting in a game. Being ready to shoot and having your eyes on the rim are simple things you can always focus on no matter what shot you’re taking.


One of the greatest shooters of all time, Ray Allen, claims, “It comes down to consistency—if you want to be a great shooter, you have to shoot the same way every time.” SportVu, a camera system installed in every NBA arena, analyzes shot arc and found that, make or miss, Ray Allen virtually had the exact same arc on his shot throughout his career.

If you look at all the greatest shooters (Ray Allen, Larry Bird, Steph Curry, Reggie Miller, etc.), you’ll notice that none of them shoot the exact same way. So while there’s no perfect way for every person to shoot, there is a perfect way for each individual person to shoot. Each great shooter has been able to find their perfect shot by consistently shooting the same way every time until it becomes second-nature to them.


Once you’re able to concentrate and focus on consistently shooting the same way every time, you will inherently develop confidence. As Stephen Curry says, “Every time I rise up, I have confidence I’m going to make it.” This type of confidence is not only built through hours of repetition, but also through training your mind to believe you can make every shot you take.

When you’re shooting, stop hoping that you make your shots and start expecting that every shot taken will go in. We know that no one is perfect, but having complete self-belief in yourself can do wonders for your shooting percentage.

With so many great shooters all shooting in their own unique way, focus on creating the best shot for you!

No matter what level you’re at, you can always:

  1. Concentrate every time you shoot.
  2. Focus on consistency and shoot the same way every time.
  3. Shoot with maximum confidence.

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