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My Town Tutors is making a huge commitment to be the #1 tutoring resource for parents and teachers in America. Our motto is “Teachers are great tutors!” Parents love the fact that every teacher in our directory is a teacher! This summer we are expanding to all 50 states!

Read an article that explains why My Town Tutors is becoming the #1 resource for tutoring in America!

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180 School Jokes

Back to School Jokes

For Teachers

  1. All Kids Can SUCCEED: Be the “1″ by @BurkheadBill
  2. 2 Great Demonstrations for Teaching Digestion by @TeachWithFergy (Top Chemistry Jokes for Teachers)
  3. Should You Be Using Exit Slips in Your Classroom? by @plnaugle
  4. Teachers: Top 10 Tips for Successful Grant Writing by Genein Letford (@GeneinLetford)
  5. Student Engagement: 5 Tips for Making Education Fun by Denice Fawcett Facey / @Edufacey
  6. Bridging the Parent-Teacher Communication Gap by @MCUSDSupe
  7. Middle School Teachers: Join Twitter and #MSchat by @blocht574
  8. Student Engagement: 5 Tips for Making Education Fun
  9. Flipping the Classroom to Break Through into Today´s Society by @MayraAixaVillar

For Parents

  1. 10 Parent Tips for a Successful New School Year by Angela Nettuno (@BHBKToys)
  2. Top 10 Things A Student Should Never Say to a Teacher
  3. Wonderopolis: A Great Resource for Teachers & Parents by @Wonderopolis
  4. Should Kids Miss School for a Disney Trip? by Tami @CO_MtnMom
  5. How Reading Affects Your Child’s Success by @Booksforchildrn
  6. Resources to Help Struggling Students by @HOLscience
  7. Self-Reliance and Independence: Giving Our Teens the Ultimate Gift by @DebraBeck

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