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  1. Why did the teacher dive into the water?… She wanted to test the water! (Top Teacher Jokes)
  2. Why did the vegetarians stop diving?… They didn’t like meets!
  3. Where do ghosts like to go diving?… Lake Eerie (Top Halloween Jokes)
  4. What kind of dive are infantry men best at?… Cannon-ball
  5. What do a dentist and a diving coach have in common?… They both use drills!
  6. A lemon and an orange were on a high diving board. The orange jumped off. Why didn’t the lemon?… Because it was yellow.
  7. Where do zombies like to go diving?… The Dead Sea (Top Halloween Jokes)
  8. What kind of exercises are best for a diver?… Pool-ups!
  9. How do people diving in the ocean say HI to each other?… They Wave!
  10. Why shouldn’t you listen to people who have just come out of the swimming pool? … Because they are all wet.
  11. How do divers clean themselves?… They wash up on shore!
  12. Why wasn’t the woman afraid when she saw a shark while she was diving in the water?… Because it was a man-eating shark!
  13. Why can male elephants dive whenever they want?… They always have trunks with them!
  14. What detergent do divers use to wash their wet suit?… Tide!

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