QUBE Basketball Trainer: 5 Important Tips For “Straight” Shooters

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a revolutionary breakthrough in shooting a basketball.

It’s funny; shooting a basketball seems to be an elusive skill. NOW there is a product to change that: the “QUBE” Basketball Trainer!

The QUBE is a revolutionary breakthrough in shooting a basketball.  It IS the next big thing!  ou know why? Because it works!! And, here’s how:

Talk to 10 different experts and you will get 10 different expert opinions on the most important way to shoot a basketball.  Practice, focus, bend your knees, etc…they’re all important but, THE MOST IMPORTANT NON NEGOTIABLE of shooting a basketball is that you must first learn to shoot perfectly straight!  If you miss left or right, your shot is flawed!  When you shoot straight, you can actually miss long or short and the ball still has a chance to go in!

The QUBE’s patent-pending leveling system teaches you proper hand placement and elbow/wrist alignment which are essential in shooting a ball straight!  Using the QUBE helps you develop proper muscle memory and transitions easily to a real basketball.  Once you master the QUBE, you’ll find that every shot is a straight shot with proper arc…you’ll never miss a shot left or right again (and the results are immediate)!  The other great thing about the QUBE is you can use it at home without a rim.  Just placing it your hands and learning proper positioning is going to help you immediately.

The obvious question is “why a cube?” The QUBE’s unique shape provides an advantage in terms of teaching players how to shoot.  It teaches the player exactly how to position their hands and how to align their elbow/wrist.  They get that “OH, that’s how you shoot” moment!  And basketball is a lot more fun when you can make shots!

So, let’s examine 5 ways the QUBE can help your shot:

1. MOST IMPORTANT – The QUBE teaches you to shoot straight – everything else you do should be geared toward accomplishing that goal.  We’re not talking about shooting the ball which appears to go straight but misses to the left or right of the rim.  We are talking about shooting perfectly straight!  Missing a shot left or right of the rim is not an option!  The QUBE’s unique design instructs the player to have five fingers of their shooting hand on the bottom of the QUBE and five fingers of their guide hand on the side of the QUBE.  This IS the proper way to shoot a basketball and it makes the transition to a real ball a no-brainer.

2. In order to shoot straight, your elbow/wrist MUST be aligned properly (from 0-5 degrees).  This helps keep the ball from missing left or right.  Additionally, your palm must be level just prior to your wrist snap as you shoot!  As you receive the ball to shoot, your shooting elbow should come in toward your rib cage.  By properly positioning your hands on the QUBE, it’s very simple to make sure your shooting elbow is directly under the QUBE.  If your elbow is flared out, it will cause your shot to be inconsistent.

3. In order to shoot straight you MUST have proper hand placement AND your guide/balance hand IS VERY important. Learn the proper guide-hand placement and learn how to keep it from interfering with your shot.   Five fingers of the shooting hand MUST BE under the ball and five fingers of the guide hand MUST BE on the side of the ball with your thumb pointing back.  The guide hand is there to help balance, guide and stabilize the ball on your shooting hand.  Remember,  less ball movement in your hand means greater shooting accuracy!  As you shoot, your guide hand will remain perfectly still.

4. You MUST shoot with proper arc to give your shot the optimal chance of going in! The higher the arc, the larger the target becomes.  In order to shoot properly, you must learn to shoot up (like you’re going up the elevator), not out (like throwing it at the rim).  So…shoot up, not out!

5. You MUST follow thru properly! Your shooting elbow should finish above eye level to promote proper arc.  Remember, as you shoot, pretend that your shooting hand ‘is going up an elevator’.   Make sure you get full elbow extension before you get off the elevator☺!  In other words, as you shoot, your elbow should be fully extended as your wrist snaps forward…your shooting wrist will snap forward at the same time your shooting elbow locks out…in an upright position.

To learn more about the QUBE (including our video analysis program) visit our QUBE Basketball channel on YouTube.  The QUBE can be purchased through PayPal –

Qubebasketballtrainer@gmail.com for $29.  Freight is free in the continental US.  For International Freight prices simply email qubebasketballtrainer@gmail.com with your mailing address.

Remember this – Amateurs practice until they get it right…Pros practice until it can’t go wrong!

Charlie Wallace



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