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Have you ever had a dream that just won’t let up, no matter how many years go by? Or maybe you’ve had something come across your path that you didn’t know was a dream until you decided to embrace it?  Both of those things happened to me this year and I am so excited to share my journey with you.

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas and knew that teaching dance full-time in a high school was what I was meant to do.  I had the opportunity to do just that for 10 years and loved every second of it.  About 5 years into teaching, my husband and I welcomed our first little girl into the world followed by our second daughter about 3 years later.  I felt like I had it all, but there was a dream that I had pushed to the back for several years that just wouldn’t stop nagging me.

You see, ever since my sophomore year in high school I wanted to move to New York City. I was absolutely enamored by the city, its energy and all it had to offer but I never had the right . . . something . . . to actually follow through and make the move.  Whether it was financial reasons, timing issues or just being plain scared, I stayed in Texas and dreamed of New York from afar.

I could go into detail about my husband’s busy traveling schedule that kept us constantly juggling calendars, how my teaching duties and dance team schedule didn’t allow me to be with my kids as much as I wanted and mommy-guilt setting in or about how my husband had a major health scare that made us realize that time was precious, but I’ll simply say that God had created the perfect storm for us to make a major change in our lives.

We decided that I would leave my job as a high school teacher, stay home full-time with our two daughters and move to New York City to fulfill that lifelong dream that my husband now shared with me.

Crazy? Absolutely.  Would I sell everything I owned in my 2600 square foot house in Texas and move to 750 square feet in Brooklyn all over again? 100%, without a doubt.  There is something freeing about taking a leap of faith and “going” for it.  Now, it hasn’t come without stumbling blocks along the way but the good outweighs the bad 10-1.  We have had a blast living in New York City for the past 9 months . . . maybe I’ll be able to share more about it in another blog post.

Now that was the long-awaited dream, what about the new dream?  I’ll start by saying that I wasn’t looking for a new dream, I was completely content staying home with my girls and soaking up all that NYC had to offer.  And believe me, I was soaking it up; pizza, bagels, burgers, doughnuts . . . you name it and New York has the best version of it right outside your door.  I had come to accept that I was overweight but that was ok with me because I would rather say “yes” to a big slice of cheesecake than say “no” and eat a salad.  I was living the good life!

My sister’s best friend started posting about her new job with It Works on Facebook and I immediately rolled my eyes because we all know that “pyramid schemes” are a scam and the health and wellness products they sell don’t really do what they claim.  At least that’s what I thought before she sent me her personal “before and after” photos.  Once I saw them I couldn’t deny the fact that she was on to something so I decided to try it.

After my first day I was hooked and I called her up to find out how I could become a distributor for the It Works company.  I had never had so much energy and I had never, ever seen results like I did with their products and I knew I could get behind this and attach my name to it because I believed not only in the results but also in the process.  The teamwork aspect of this business is nothing like I’ve ever seen.  When your team tells you that they will make sure you will succeed, they are not kidding.

Working from home and helping people while I’m spending time with my children has been incredibly rewarding for me.  After I left teaching, the aspect I missed most was making connections with students and feeling like I was making a difference in their lives. While the connections I make now are with other adults and not students, my encounters have been just as fulfilling.  I feel like it can help anyone with our company because we not only have weight loss products but there are also daily supplements and a skin care line. There is no one who can’t benefit from at least one product and I love helping them find what works best for where they are in their lives!

While I can’t speak to other companies, I can tell you that my experience with It Works has been  an unexpected dream come true.  If you are thinking about direct sales being your next-step or a supplement to your current job, I would encourage you to take that step.  Be sure to do your research into the company so that you are not getting yourself into a scam and make extra sure that you believe whole-heartedly in the products and process and the rest won’t seem like work.

If you think It Works might have the products or the business model you’re looking for, I would love to speak with you about how I can help you.  I want more teachers and moms on my team because we are fighters and we know how to make things happen!  I mean, the company was founded by a teacher/coach so you know we get things done!  My personal website is ItWorks.nyc or you can reach out via email at ItWorksKatieNYC@gmail.com

What are you going to do today to act on a dream you have?  Maybe all you need to do is open your mind and your heart to an opportunity you never expected.  Either way, I guarantee that your life will be more full and more complete when you put fear to the side and take action.

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