Students, Save Time with Top 5 PDF Converter Online Tools

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Do you have PDF documents that you need to convert to an editable format? Are you looking for a way to convert PDF to an editable file that is affordable? Do you want to a reliable way of converting PDF files when you need to?

The easiest and probably the best solution is to use on online PDF converter. These tools allow you to convert your PDF files to editable formats without having to download software onto your hard disk. You can therefore use the converters if and when you need them without placing even more pressure on your already overloaded disk space.

The best onlinePDF conversion tools

There are many different conversion tools on the internet today. It can be difficult to identify the best tool to use. We’ve done all the hard work for you. The following are the top five online PDF converter tools available.

1. Docs.Zone

This is an excellent low cost PDF conversion tool. This is an excellent low cost PDF conversion tool. It allows you to convert PDF files into various editable formats including Word, Excel and even image files (JPG). It is a very easy converter to use and its simple processes save time as there is no need for copying and pasting. The tool will convert documents directly from disk.

This tool allows for the conversion of multiple files at a time. It also allows for the merging of several documents into a single PDF file.

2. PDF to Word Converter

This is a free online conversion service. This tool allows you to convert PDF files to Word documents. It is a relatively easy tool to use and also converts documents directly from disk. There is therefore no need for copying and pasting with this tool.

The major drawback with this tool is that it doesn’t allow for the conversion of more than one file at a time. It is still one of the most reliable conversion tools available for free online.


This tool delivers great results. The results of the conversion are on par with UniPDF. Format is retained in the resulting documents. When you’ve finished converting the files you can download them directly instead of having them sent to your email like with other online tools.

Conversions take about 52 seconds and there is a file size limit of 2 MB.


If you’re looking for a free online conversion tool that provides good results then try This tool takes about 42 seconds to convert a simple PDF file to Word format. The layout and formatting is retained in the resulting document. There are no file size limits. However, the output formats are limited too docx, doc and rtf.


This tool has a wide range of output formats including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, jpeg, Gif, Txt Format and Rich text formats. The files however cannot be downloaded directly after the conversion is complete. You must provide an email address and have the documents emailed to you. This is time consuming and cumbersome.

Verdict: Docs.Zone remains at the top for speed, simplicity and a wide range of output formats.


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