10 Fabulous Websites with Lessons for the 1st Day of School

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My Town Tutors has a goal of being a great resource for teachers and parents. We try to provide lessons, blogs, and ideas that are useful to rookie and veteran teachers alike.

As the summer begins to wind down, teachers look to the start of the school year. Here are some new and proven lessons to start the school year from some very respectable websites.

We hope some teachers might be able to incorporate these lessons and ideas to get the year of to a GREAT start:

  1. NEA: 5 Things to Do on the 1st Day
  2. Education World: Icebreakers Volume 4: Activities for the First Day of School
  3. National Council for the Teachers of English (NCTE): Back to School Lessons for the Middle Level Classroom
  4. National Council for the Teachers of Math: Begin the Year with a BANG, Starting the Year of Right, & The 1st Day of School and All Year Long
  5. Scholastic Teachers: Back-to-School Planning Guide
  6. The Lesson Plans Page: Back To School Resource Guide
  7. PBS News Hour:The Top 15 Lesson Plans for Back to School
  8. Teaching Heart: 1st Day Lesson Plans
  9. National Science Teachers Association (NSTA): First Day / Week of School
  10. TeachHub: 7 First Day of School Activities Students Love

2 Responses to 10 Fabulous Websites with Lessons for the 1st Day of School

  1. natalia paliashvili says:

    NEA offers so many interesting and varied material it is really difficult to just choose. As for me ,i am a newcomer here with NEA, so i have been browsing everything trying to see the format and get used to it. All new things take time :)
    NEA is great :) any teacher can find something there, which is very convenient.