Coaching Youth Basketball

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Coaching Youth Basketball Resources


Coaching youth basketball can be an extremely challenging, yet rewarding task. I have been involved with basketball since attending my first camp in 1977. I played basketball in high school and college. After graduation, I coached for 19 years at the high school level before tackling the youth level. I am now assuming the role of 1st grade youth coach.

Over the next several weeks I hope to share some useful ideas and drills that will make your season enjoyable. More importantly, I hope to share with you drills that will make your players improve while having fun.

Before worrying about Xs and Os or drills, I highly recommend reading the following 2 blogs: Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success and Eight Great Books from the PCA for Parents, Coaches, and Athletes. These two post will be helpful in developing your overall coaching philosophy.

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  1. john says:

    if you don’t have a hoop in your yard….make sure they have one next door!!!